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The Iowa Policy and Opinion Lab (IPOL) is a collaborative research group founded by Professors Fred Boehmke in Political Science and Kajsa Dalrymple in Journalism and Mass Communication and currently led by Prof. Boehmke. Student research affiliates in IPOL collaborate to study policymaking and public opinion in Iowa. This includes examining policy choices in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and collecting data on public opinion among Iowans. The data will then be used to answer a variety of research questions.

Professor Frederick Boehmke

Professor Boehmke

Frederick Boehmke

Co-Director, Iowa Policy and Opinion Lab
Director, Iowa Social Science Research Center
Senior Research Fellow in Residence
Professor, Department of Political Science
Marvin and Rose Lee Pomerantz Chair
Fred Boehmke's research focuses on the diffusion of public policies across the American states and on the consequences of direct democracy on state politics. He is the author of The Indirect Effect of Direct Legislation: How Institutions Shape Interest Group Systems. In general, he likes to develop and test empirical and formal models of political phenomena.

Professor Kajsa Dalrymple

Professor Dalrymple

Kajsa Dalrymple

Co-Director, Iowa Policy and Opinion Lab
Director, Media, Policy, and Public Opinion Research Program
Senior Research Fellow in Residence
Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass
Kajsa Dalrymple studies the power of influence within social networks. Her research looks at how media can help mobilize influential members of a social network to encourage positive social change. She has a particular interest in environmental communication and public opinion.


IPOL is supported by the University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center, including through funding obtained from a Path Forward proposal through the Provost’s Office of Engagement and as part of the IowaRise proposal funded through the University of Iowa’s Strategic Initiatives Fund in conjunction with the UI Public-Private Partnership (P3).


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